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If you've read any of my previous posts on outdoor torches, tiki torches, patio torches and the like, you know I'm not a very pitchy guy. I love the darned things and throwing parties with them as a central, mood-setting tool, but I don't sell anything so I haven't had to “sell” you on much of anything. That's gonna change, gang.

My previous post pointed out that I've seen the light (pardon the pun) and have been brought to the realization that providing you with a direct source to the tiki torches you want to buy is actually a service rather than a self-serving action. After all, why talk about the virtues of a particular torch like a great copper tiki torch and then leave you floundering for a place to buy it. NO MORE, I say! And I think we'll start things out with a bang!

Most of my own garden events are of a festive, tropical nature so my selection of torches consist mainly of bamboo and carved wood designs (Aztec faces and the like). But I think a great way to add both class and a festive spirit to a contemporary garden setting is through the use of metal tiki torches. The type of metal doesn't much matter. Brass, bronze, copper or brushed steel patio torches are all classy and all perfectly functional. In fact, the only real downside to a selection of, say, copper garden torches is usually the price.

Now imagine a selection of copper tiki torches that doesn't cost a lot. Imagine being able to buy copper tiki torches online, in bulk for a bargain basement price. Better yet, imagine not even having to pay for shipping! That's a deal, gang, and one I simply can't resist passing on to you.

Let's get the price out of the way. Backyard Bargain LLC is selling 12 beautiful 72 inch copper tiki torches for $129.95 through Amazon. That translates to just $10.77 a per torch, folks. While it may sound like I'm trying out a career as a cheesy salesman, I am being completely sincere when I say that's just an astounding price you'd be extremely hard pressed to beat for copper tiki torches. The fun doesn't stop there, though.

What I love about these copper tiki torches is the decorative stem design. You can see the post twists into a beautiful design reminiscent of wrought iron but without iron's annoying habit of rusting. It's little touches like that which add up to an eye-catching, contemporary torch sure to add flare to any evening garden party.

Now some of you may actually be turned off by the $129.95 price tag and I'll grant you that, if you only need 1 or 2 garden torches, this collection isn't for you. But if you have a moderate size garden or multiple elevations in your garden that can accommodate a dozen torches, my advice is to end your search here an now, click on the Amazon link and buy the darn things. I passed the same recommendation on to my sister-in-law (she's secretly jealous of the parties I throw) and she has already placed the order. If I'm recommending it to family, you can feel secure in the fact that I think this set of copper outdoor torches is a deal worth having.

That's it, gang. I'll be writing about another good deal on tiki torches in the coming days that's a bit more modest in quantity but just as fantastic a bargain. See you again soon!

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